Betting Props-AFC Championship Patriots Vs. Chiefs

Betting Props-AFC Championship

Patriots Vs. Chiefs

This time it’s in Arrowhead! The stakes are the same, but the environment is drastically different. The Chiefs have been in this position before and every time, nothing has gone their way. The Patriots on the other hand are in unchartered territory-well, to an extent. How unchartered can it be when a team has won the AFC East this many times in a row? The Patriots are the same old Patriots. They come off with a slow start to the season and absolutely everybody say’s they’re done. It was the same old tired gig this year. They took a few losses they shouldn’t have and everyone was quick to jump on the “Patriots haters bandwagon”.

As long as Tom and Bill are in town, the Patriots will be a legitimate playoff threat. The unchartered part is having to go on the road and come out of Arrowhead with a victory. The Chiefs have ramped their offense up in droves with a quarterback that has already proven his worth. Their defense is not stellar but it doesn’t have to be. They certainly played great defense against the Colts in the divisional round. The question is, can Andy Reid get it done? He seems like a snake-bit coach. No matter who you may be rooting for in this one, the one thing that every NFL fan can say is this—this one is going to be good. It could be a game for the ages, really. Tom Brady is still at the top of his game and this one could score 100 points! It’s going to be a show worth dialing in for and certainly one that’s worth betting on.

Betting the props in this game is certainly one of the great ways to go and for more than a couple of reasons. First and foremost, props allow you the bettor a stress free game, one that can include many betting options without being forced to choose a side. Now, there are props that allow you to choose sides, but there are many other props that allow you to bet without choosing a winner. Betting in this manner is always fun, the bettor still gets the excitement of a real-time bet but with less risk. Lets take a look at some of the great props available.

  • Team to score first—This is always a fun one and if you know your teams it can be lucrative.
  • First score method—There are usually a couple of ways to play this one but usually this prop will be offered as a 6 way proposition.
  • Time of first score—How long will it take and at what time on the game clock will the first score, be scored?
  • Total touchdowns—In this game, wow! Where to start? There could be 10 or more touchdowns, honest, this game has the potential to be a barn burning footrace and off the rails with 100 points or more. Certainly this one goes in the 80’s.

These are a few of the many great prop lines that are being offered at Americas Bookie. Be sure to check for the many more great ways in which to play this epic showdown between the Patriots and the Chiefs. Folks, we can’t emphasize what an opportunity this game presents. There will be fumbles, there will be interceptions, there could be a safety, there could even be an onside kick. All of these prop options will be available and if you want to win real money, then jump in, bet on the props in this one.

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