A Guide for Finding The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

Football season is the busiest time of the year for both the big commercial online sportsbooks and for private bookies taking action on the games. The commercial online books cater to the general betting public while the private bookie works with their specific sports betting customer base. Yet, both of these betting outlets operate in very similar fashion.

For the most part, the same online sports betting software solutions that power the biggest online book’s operating systems has been modified to provide the same sophisticated functions needed to run and manage a private bookmaking operation. The key for the private bookie is finding the right pay per head software solutions to help level the playing field against the competition.

What are The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions?

Whether you are new to the private bookmaking industry or currently running an established bookie operation, there are literally dozens of options when it comes to pay per head sites. While they all perform the same basic function in the operational end of the business, the software solutions they offer are definitely not the same.

There are cut-rate price per head software providers that sell their services on price alone. These should be avoided at all costs due to longer term issues that will cut into your bottom line. There are PPH services offering pricey plans that add unnecessary costs with features and benefits that do not add value to your bookie business.

The right plan offers everything you need to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook at a fair weekly price per head cost based on active players. One of the best ways to find a pay per head site that fits this description is a vetting process that can cut through the advertising clutter.

Finding The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

Finding the right pay per head provider is the most important decision a private bookie will have to make when it comes to taking your bookmaking operation online. It is well worth the added time and effort to get things right from the start. Independent reviews can be helpful during the search process, but there is no substitution for performing your own individual analysis.

As a starting point, the following basics need to be covered:

  • • A Comprehensive Player Management System
  • • A High Level of Redundancy That Ensures Continuous Service
  • • Online Security Measures That Safeguards Personal Information
  • • Fast and Easy Access to Betting Lines and Odds
  • • A Sophisticated Online Dashboard Offering Real Time Data
  • • Customer Support From a Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

There are other things that need to be taken into consideration, but covering the basics is that all-important first step.

Another key factor in the vetting process is a PPH service’s experience, level of expertise and overall industry reputation. Any service worth considering should have high grades for all three of these business attributes.

Anytime you have a booming industry like online sports betting, there are going to be a ton of copycat competitors that are looking to ride the coattails of the industry experts. The true industry leaders have already pioneered the process for betting on sports through a sophisticated online betting platform.

Sport betting subject matter experts that are willing to make substantial investments into their operational systems and customer service team have already proven that they plan to be in business over the long haul. These pay per head sites view bookie agents as business partners when it comes to achieving mutual success.

The good news is that a PPH service that can meet and exceed all of these expectations is not that hard to find as long as you are willing to make the effort.